Baptist Minister Union of San Antonio

Dr. J. Carlton Allen City Wide Institute

October 5 - 8, 2020 





     Moving the Mandate into the 21st Century Building Bridges to the Future

BMU Course Topics and Suggested Session Content

Offering #1:  Host - 

Building 21st Century Ministries – Senior Pastors  

The pastor’s track has been especially targeted by the invitation of .... Our Intention is to offer the next four sessions of this eight-session offering bridging this two-year learning track.  The sessions below will be offered this year.  This year could be called the applicational phase.  The intention is to provide a systemized approach to 21st Century Church Development along with its integration methodology.  From bench-marking current reality the sessions with walk pastors through vision casting, to strategy development on to ministry application and integration.  It is hoped that pastors will mobilize learning’s to challenge current leaders to build 21st Century Contemporary Ministries to engage growing futures.    


·      Benchmarking present reality to envision a 21st Century Future

·      Pastor Coveting the Prophetic Roll

·      Functioning Dynamics of a 21st Church

·      Initial steps in Setting the Foundation

Offering #2:  Host - Priscilla Patterson

Sr. Pastors Wives

1st Ladies - When Leaders Live Together - How Two Strong Personalities Can Thrive in Marriage -

In keeping with the theme of the Institute: “Moving the Mandate into the 21st Century: Building Bridges to the Future,”the text is a marriage book designed for pastors and wives to help us live out our God-given marriage mandate. It is to encourage us as pastors wives, leaders in our own right who have been trusted by God to co-labor with our husbands in moving the mandate forward, to recognize the challenges to our marriage, strive for unity and follow God’s principles in His Word as we embrace our diversity, minimize criticism, and release and encourage one another to fulfill God’s plan and purpose for our lives.  

It is my prayer that we as wives share the insights of this class with our pastor husbands.  Because if our marriage doesn’t function in harmony, how will people accurately see Jesus and His Church?  

Session Topics:

Headship and Leadership

 “But I want you to understand that the head of every man is Christ, the

  head of a wife is her husband, and the head of Christ is God.” 

 I Corinthians 11:3 ESV 

Embrace Your Diversity

“Likewise, husbands, live with your wives in an understanding way, showing honor to the woman as the weaker vessel, since they are heirs with you of the grace of life, so that your prayers may not be hindered.” 

I Peter 3:7 ESV

Living With A Leader

                        We are not competitors / Embracing Common Leadership Realities

It’s My Money, Honey

                        My money is his.  His money is mine

Offering #3: Host -  

21st Century Education Ministry - Christian Education - 

A 21st Century Education ministry not only demands a competent teaching staff/team but also the ability to reproduce itself to maintain momentum and stability.  ... has been asked to lead this journey to highlight the under-girding of a vibrant 21st Century Education System and to show how it can be perpetuated for its continued Sustainment. The issues of Curriculum Development, Reproduction, Technology and Intentional Disciple Progression will be addressed to allow participants to leave with templates ready for immediate implementation.  


·      Developing a 21st Century Education Curriculum

·      Nurturing a 21st Century Reproductive Team

·      Instituting a 21st Century Technological Training System

·      Growing a 21st Century Education Disciples Intentionally 


Offering #4:  Host - 

Administering a 21st Century Church - Church Administration & Government Requirements -

As churches face growing futures, the administration of the movement demands flexible adaptability and the efficient use of resources.  The world is a VUCA (Volatile – Uncertain – Complex – Ambiguous) Environment and the church must move with its fast pace reality or die in irrelevancy. .... has been asked to pull together Subject Matter Experts (SME) to address the details of contemporary church organizational management and inform participants of current non-profit laws and requirements. Key also in this discussion is the connection of administrative efforts in the accomplishment of a vibrant church vision.     



·      Administrative Priorities in a 21st Century

·      Planning and Budgeting in a 21st Century

·      Legal and non-profit requirements in a 21st Century Ministry

·      Administering the Vision of a 21st Century Church


Reference: ......also use the book: Keeping Your Church Out of Court


This book addresses the need for development and maintenance of physically and legally safe premises for worship and Christian activities for the local congregation. In clear, non-technical language, it explains the steps that leaders and trustees should take to avoid litigation from non-members who may use their church property.


From this His class will deal with:

  • General Principles of Liability

  • Liability to Employees

  • Liability for Actions of Employees and Volunteers

  • Defenses to Liability

  • Insurance

He will also unpack the 4 C's of Vision Casting by Ronnie Floyd (See Article in Support Section)

  • Clear​

  • Concrete​

  • Concise​

  • Compelling


Offering #5:  Host - 


Leading/Leveraging Influence in a 21st Century Ministry – All Present & Future Church Leaders -  

Legacy Leaders are imperative in a 21st Century Church Environment.  Leaders must not only take responsibility but be accountable as well.  This tract embeds the skills necessary to support rapid growth and care for the healthiness of a culture that is shifting by necessity.  Leaders are challenged to understand and support strategy planning and to cultivate emotional intelligence that supports a vibrant 21st Century Church Environment.  


Sessions:  (God Dreams)

·      Facilitating a 21st Century Church Culture

·      Holding the Vision in a 21st Century Culture

·      Cultivating Unity and Minimizing Conflict in a 21st Century Church

·      Building Accountability in a 21st Century Culture


About the Book:

You are a visionary leader and your church probably has a vision statement.

Yet most churches are stuck in a trap of generic communication without a visionary plan. Just like a restaurant needs a more specific focus than "serving food," a church needs something more than biblical generalizations like "loving God, loving people" or "making disciples who make disciples.”

Based on more than 10,000 hours of church team facilitation, Will Mancini’s newest work reveals a simple and powerful planning method that will bring energy and focus to your church like never before.

  1. shows how to reclaim the role of long-range vision today by providing 12 vision templates with biblical, historical, and contemporary illustrations.

  2. explains how to overcome the fruitless planning efforts that many church teams experience. With a tool called the Horizon Storyline, leaders can connect short-term action steps with the long-range dream, while leveraging the power of storytelling to make the plan "stick."


Ministry without clarity is insanity. God Dreams is your passport to leading a better future.


Offering #6:  Host - 


Creating a 21st Century Worship Experience - Worship - 

The reality is our churches are surrounded by change.  Change in culture, age, economics and technology.  That reality demands that our methods to reach and hold people must shift to accommodate change.  The adage “that’s not how we do it here or not how we did it” are kisses of death to the contemporary church.  The bottom line is Change or Die!  If we are to meet the needs of the current realities around our churches, we must structure our worship experiences to engage prospectively.  .... has been asked to lead this conversation and to address issues such as identifying your worship sweet spot, aligning worship with vision, and resourcing contemporary worship experiences.     


·      Identifying the sweet-spot for your 21st Century Worship Community

·      Marrying the worship style with vision development 

·      Moving worship style with need assessments and resources

·      Contemporary ideas and modes of worship 


Offering #7: Host - 


Mobilizing Senior’s for 21st Century Outreach -  Missions 

Perhaps the most valuable resource in our churches and community are our beloved seniors. Having said that, in many cases our seniors are relegated to the status of inactivity and non-mobility.  This tract challenges that notion and sets about to mobilize our seniors to use their time, knowledge and resources to engage in Kingdom building.  This course stresses the biblical mandate of Matthew 28:19-20 and shows Senior’s how to engage others in a discipleship process that nurtures development.  The gifts of prayer and encouragement are highlighted to demonstrate their importance and show Kingdom impact.    


Sessions: Kingdom Disciples - Tony Evans

Where have all the disciples gone? 

There is a missing force in Christianity today. Its absence has led to weak believers, disintegrating families, ineffective churches, and a decaying culture. Without it we lack what we need to fully live as heaven’s representatives on earth.

That missing force is discipleship. The result is powerless Christians attending powerless churches, having a powerless presence in the world. The power, authority, abundance, victory, and impact God has promised will come about only when we understand and align ourselves with His definition of discipleship. 

Through this Bible study, participants will learn: 
• What a disciple is 
• What a disciple cares about 
• How to be a disciple and make disciples 
• What discipleship looks like in community with other believers 
• What the impact of discipleship on the world can be 

Kingdom Disciples calls believers and churches back to our primary, divinely ordained responsibility to be disciples and to make disciples. Only when we take this assignment seriously will the world see heaven at work on earth. 

Session topics: 
1. The Missing Key 
2. The Primary Concern 
3. The Bold Confession 
4. A Deep Intimacy 
5. Individual and Family 
6. Church and Community 


Offering #8: Host - 

Supporting 21st Century Ministry Strategy – Men’s Ministry - 

This year our men’s ministries have been combined to channel their focus on ministry growth and spiritual development.  While pastors lead visions, the brothers of the church are the implementers and perpetuators of the vision. With that said, this track not only overviews the basic concepts of strategy planning but will also challenge these leaders (Men) to be the catalyst to get the vision/mission done. The necessity of accountability as responsibility will be emphasized as all ministries are carried out.  A blend of leadership best practices will also be integrated.  

·         Exegeting the community for maximum impact

·         Intentional strategy that measures movement

·         Systems development that mobilize a strategy

·         Spiritual power that undergirds strategy

Offering #9:  Host - 

Developing a 21st Century Women's Ministry - Women/Sisterhood - 

A powerhouse ministry in any church is its community of women who do a vast majority of the work.  Churches would be remised if they do not focus special attention on this anointed group and provide special equipping to enable peak service. This tract will focus on women’s ministry to address intentional curriculum development, focused spiritual nourishment and ministry equipping for mobilized service.  Our aim is to provide participants biblical content along with spiritual nourishment.     

·      Elements of a 21st Century Women's Ministry

·      Curriculum Development of a 21st Century Women's Ministry

·      Meeting Spiritual Needs in a 21st Century Women's Ministry

·      Leader development in a 21st Century Women's Ministry


Offering #10: 

Identifying and Helping Hurting People - Church Leaders  The Deans Clinical Subject Matter Expert Team


The first people to detect and minister to hurting people in the church are the ushers, nurses and greeters. When people are hurting one of the first places they go is to church.  All who are in contact with them would do well to be alert and ready to respond with care and concern.  Often that help starts with the identification of the potential pain people carry.  Over the four nights, we will focus on several clinical areas of concern and scratch the surface on how to respond to these situations.  The Union plans to offer more help in these areas as the year progresses in 2019.  Note the areas of concern below.  We will invite subject matter experts to address each area.  This course is open to all leaders in the local church.

·      Ministry to those with Suicidal Ideations - Chaplain Will Bearden - BGCT Chaplain 

·      Ministry to PTSD and Clinical Illness - Sister Smith

·      Ministry to Addictions and Recovery - Pastor Joe Barber

·      Ministry to Broken Marriages and Family Trauma - Dr. George Chocolate 

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