Baptist Ministers' Union


San Antonio & vicinity

Dr. J. Carlton Allen City Wide Institute

October 6 - 7, 2020 

MINISTERS TRACK (11:00 am & 7:00 pm)

  • Leading in a Pandemic 

Instructor: Dr. D.Z. Cofield

  • Preaching in a Pandemic

Instructor: Dr. Delvin Atchinson


  • The Church's Response to COVID 19

The churches resilience, response, and recovery through the pandemic.  Dr. Kenneth Kemp will provide a current analysis of the COVID epidemic and suggest practical ways the church can respond to mitigate and remain healthy while conducting ministry and services.

  • Maintaining Ministry to Millennials

Pastor Donte Banks is with us for the second year to help churches understand the culture and mindset of millennials and develop innovative ways to minister to them. The future demands that we engage this group for long-term stability and growth. This class will provide creative strategies on how to reach this age group and also provide ministry during this pandemic.

  • Small Church Ministry

Dr. Ira Antoine has been asked to join us to focus on rural church strategies and development. He is the Director of Bi-Vocational Ministry with the Baptist General Convention of Texas as well as the pastor of a small church in a local rural community. This class will focus on helping the small church focus on taking care of pastor and congregation while maintaining connections during the pandemic. His vast experience will be very useful. (This class is also good for small churches in general)


  • Mobilizing Discipleship in an Era of Disruption

Dr. Tamiko  Jones is the Executive Director of the Women’s Missionary Union (WMU) of the Baptist General Convention of Texas. She brings to us not only the missionary experience of her present position, but she is also a key leader in a local urban church that is exponentially mobilizing ministry.  Her session will help churches mobilize outreach in new and innovative ways. This class will also focus upon helping churches continue their mission and strategies for discipleship during this pandemic. She is the first African-American WMU Executive Director in America.

  • The Church's Role in Response to Social Issues

In an era of “Black Lives Matter”, it is imperative that churches devise strategies and actions to engage the issue of social justice in the mist of troubled communities. Rev. Michael Evans, Jr., serves as the lead advocate for Baptist Churches in Austin, Texas. Their mission is to engage the state legislature on social justice issues. He will provide practical insight and guidance on how the church can effectively and prophetically speak to the current social issues of our day. This class will also provide insight as to how the church can understand the current social movements and possibly get involved.

  • Re-Imaging How to Do Small Groups 

The Lord providentially brought to our community from California Bishop Anthony Obey who has a vast experience in developing and conducting discipleship in small groups. The future of our churches is one where no matter how the church grows, it still has to operate in small group intimate settings. Bishop Obey will help us with principles and strategies of developing and operating effective small discipleship groups.

  • Caring for the Soul

Tonya Smith is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in private practice in our San Antonio community and faithful member of one of our BMU Churches. In addition to her professional role, she is also a born-again believer who believes that approaching psychological trauma is done best on a spiritual foundation. She will offer caregivers solid strategies and approaches to nurture the wellness of hurting people. This class will also help churches care for the mental, spiritual, and physical health during the pandemic. She is back by popular demand.

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