As we are all aware, this year has been one of challenge and change for the church and the world, and a great opportunity for the People of God to shine light in dim lit places. 

That being the case, the Lord has led us to set our attention and efforts on helping our Churches to effectively minister to our congregations and communities during this pandemic. Our goal is to address the present situations we are facing with a view of successfully launching us into the future -- post-pandemic. Our preachers, teachers and facilitators have been challenged to think outside of the box in order to present cutting edge material and methodologies that push us into innovative ministry structures. 

We don't intend to be "business as usual" in that we want to "shift ministry paradigms" to engage the changing cultures and "panta ta ethne"  (people groups around us) - both locally and globally. We must take this new wine that the pandemic has given us and pour it into new wine skins. 

We solicit your prayers and participation this year as we continue our mission of, "Mending the Masses through Information, Education, Proclamation".   

Rev. Patrick J. Jones, BMU President